[Airship-discuss] Airship in a Bottle - Quick querry

Sandeep Shah2 SS00473517 at TechMahindra.com
Wed Apr 17 21:21:01 UTC 2019

Hi Evgeny – thank you for your reply…

I successfully installed using Vagrant script:

 if you have Vagrant installed, just run the following
su - (execute this as root)
curl -O https://git.airshipit.org/cgit/airship-in-a-bottle/plain/Vagrantfile<https://www.google.com/url?q=https://git.airshipit.org/cgit/airship-in-a-bottle/plain/Vagrantfile&sa=D&source=hangouts&ust=1555622350160000&usg=AFQjCNEmT6_mS_4bKbQtQpDSgSO3FBPFmQ>
vagrant up

Please find below the logs when running the “Airship in a bottle” Vagrant script is run….n0 refers to VM host that gets created which will be used to build a site…Once the site is built, I am trying to access Horizon and DAG dashboards (also stated below)….To do port mapping, I believe I need to establish SSH connection, and it is possible either using user name/password or SSH certificate keys…I would very much appreciate if you can give guidance as to how I can do mapping and access Horizon/DAG and other dashboards and ports from my local machine.

Welcome to Airship in a Bottle
   n0:  /--------------------\
   n0: |                      \
   n0: |        |---|          \----
   n0: |        | x |                \
   n0: |        |---|                 |
   n0: |          |                  /
   n0: |     \____|____/       /----
   n0: |                      /
   n0:  \--------------------/
   n0: The minimum recommended size of the Ubuntu 16.04 VM is 4 vCPUs, 20GB of RAM with 32GB disk space.
   n0: Let's collect some information about your VM to get started.
   n0: ++ hostname -s
   n0: + export SHORT_HOSTNAME=n0
   n0: + SHORT_HOSTNAME=n0
   n0: + set +x
   n0: Updating /etc/hosts with: n0
   n0: n0
   n0: + export HOSTIP=
   n0: + HOSTIP=
   n0: + export HOSTCIDR=
   n0: + HOSTCIDR=
   n0: + export NODE_NET_IFACE=eth0
   n0: + NODE_NET_IFACE=eth0
   n0: + export TARGET_SITE=demo
   n0: + TARGET_SITE=demo

  n0: OpenStack Horizon dashboard is available on this host at the following URL:
   n0: Credentials:
   n0:   Domain: default
   n0:   Username: admin
   n0:   Password: password
   n0: OpenStack CLI commands could be launched via `./run_openstack_cli.sh` script, e.g.:
   n0:   # cd /root/deploy/airship-in-a-bottle/manifests/dev_single_node
   n0:   # ./run_openstack_cli.sh stack list
   n0:   ...
   n0: Other dashboards:
   n0:   MAAS:<https://www.google.com/url?q=> admin/password12
   n0:   Airship Shipyard Airflow DAG:<https://www.google.com/url?q=>

I very much appreciate if you please give guidance.

Thanks again!


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Hi Sandeep,

Can you please clarify what is "node_n0" in your case?


On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 10:31 AM Sandeep Shah2 <SS00473517 at techmahindra.com<mailto:SS00473517 at techmahindra.com>> wrote:
Hello –

We are trying out Airship in a Bottle, and we are using instructions in README file.

What are the credentials to ssh into node_n0 as root? Password? Or, if SSH keys are created during installation, where can I get them so that I can install them on my host, and I can SSH into node_n0 using SSH keys?

Thank you very much in advance.


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