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Prakash Ramchandran cloud24x7 at ieee.org
Thu Aug 22 11:04:11 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Do you see these as possible options for Airshipctl  code testing for

Option 1:

Call airshipctl commands from cmd to pass on to metal3 to execute through
cloud controller and corresponding plugins.

Option 2:

Call airshipctl commands to by pass metal3 and call directly go-wrapped
(sushy client) or Redfish APIs (URL) for BareMetal testing.

2.a Use real Redfish standard APIs (code reference- > ?

2.b Use fake calls to vBMC to enable emulated/simulated testing including
libvirt calls and using oslo/openstack SDK tools ->

2.c Use Docker container as was suggested in the bootstrap SIG today same
as an 2.b but use containers.

Refer: Outrechy Summary <https://ajya.github.io/>

Based on this link:

Q1. Are we using tox for test framework?

Q2. Is py3 the way to us (latest py3.6 is used in sushy & suhsy-tools?

Q3. If we use go are we still planning to use standard sushy-tools and then
is that call using URL to a daemon (Redfish or IPMI in a Docker container
as suggested by bootstrap SIG call today?)

Welcome to help us with your expertise in shaping  the Airshipctl


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