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VAN WYK, RYAN L rv6848 at att.com
Wed Dec 4 21:05:02 UTC 2019

I am sad to say that I need to tender my resignation to the Airship Technical Committee. This is not because I wont continue to support Airship, but with my recent promotion within AT&T, I just won’t have the time needed to perform my TC duties. That said in my new role, I will continue to marshal resources both within AT&T and the larger community to grow Airship support and adoption.

Andrew Leasck who has been instrumental in leading the development and Airship and owns Airship internally within AT&T, intends to nominate himself to replace me on the TC. I would encourage the community to elect him to the position.


Ryan van Wyk
VP – Network Cloud
m  312.860.0966 | rv6848 at att.com<mailto:rv6848 at att.com>

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