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Drew Walters drewwalters96 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 17:46:14 UTC 2019

> Faculty and students at Syracuse University are interested in the project.
> And a group of student are planning to deploy airship-in-bottle ( single
> device ) in the university’s lab as there capston project, there aim is to
> provide the students with technology for discovery in order to provide the
> community with solid feedback about the fantasist project. However, every
> time the group tries to deploy using the script available in gitHub it
> failes, when the script restart ( Kublet) and waiting for Kubernetes API
> availability it fail. The error said ( unable to connect to EOF and some
> time it say bad x509 unathurized user)
> Any recommendations will be highly appreciated

Hello Rashed!

We are excited that a group of your students have selected
Airship-in-a-Bottle for their capstone project. In order to better assist,
can you answer the following:

   1. Are your students are using the dev_single_node environment? The
   dev_single_node environment is the same one found in the
   Airship-in-a-Bottle README.
   2. Are your students running the script in a disposable environment as
   the root user? The wait_for_kubernetes api executes a simple kubectl
   command to retrieve the node list (which is likely where the 509
   originates). You can safely ignore the EOF warnings.

We also have some additional resources that ease the transition into
working with Airship, if you are not yet familiar:

Airshipit.org - the front page for all things Airship

Airship Wiki - links to stable releases, the Mailing List, weekly design
call, weekly IRC meeting, etc

Airship Treasuremap overview of the stack, with links to individual projects

The developer Getting Started guide

Airskiff development environment for Airship (doesn't include bare metal
provisioning or kubernetes)

Airship-in-a-Bottle multinode gate script (virsh-based)

Airship site authoring guide, (for engineering your own site definition)

Lastly, our IRC channel, #airshipit on freenode, serves as a meeting
location (every Tuesday at 14:00 UTC) and destination for general project
discussion/questions. Airship developers tend to be more readily available
there. In the meantime, we look forward to your response, welcome aboard!

Drew Walters
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