[Airship-discuss] Divingbell overrides functionality regression - Assistance needed

ANDERSON, CRAIG ca846m at att.com
Thu Feb 28 16:31:54 UTC 2019

Ok, our version of Helm must not be new enough to contain the version of Sprig library which has that patchset, so I guess it must be a different issue. But I would still suspect something with `merge` or one of the other changes to dict.go between helm versions.

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Hello Craig,
Thank you for your reply and support.
I have tried to do a quick replace of `merge` to `mergeOverwrite`, and it didn't work. Linting fails on the following error:

> [ERROR] templates/: parse error in 
> "helm-toolkit/templates/utils/_daemonset_overrides.tpl": template: 
> helm-toolkit/templates/utils/_daemonset_overrides.tpl:52: function 
> "mergeOvewrite" not defined

Best regards,
-- Roman Gorshunov

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