[Airship-discuss] Airship in a bottle install failure...

Drew Walters drewwalters96 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 17:37:54 UTC 2019

On Jan 15, 2019, at 4:57 PM, Alex Arnoldy <alex.arnoldy at suse.com> wrote:
> Hi Drew,
> I gave it another shot with the latest build. It definitely went better, but it still went into a CrashLoopBackOff on one of the MaaS pods before it could complete. Unfortunately, I was neck deep in something else so I had to shut that VM down before collecting any info.
> As a small side note, I did ensure that the hostname of the VM was in /etc/hosts and associated with the IPv4 primary interface.
> Sorry that’s not much info to go on,
> --Alex.
> Alex Arnoldy
> Software Defined Infrastructure Solutions Architect
> Alex.Arnoldy at SUSE.com
> (P) +1 (408) 828-9797

Hi Alex,

Were you able to return to the VM and obtain the logs of the failing MaaS pod before it was removed? I’m not entirely sure where to proceed from here, but perhaps someone more familiar with MaaS may know some additional things you can try.


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