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- Pavlo

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> Hi,
> just to note, W-1 does not actually prevent merging, it is more like a
> hint for reviewers.
> To make a change impossible to be submitted in Gerrit, a CodeReview: -2
> vote from a core reviewer is needed
> (and this is a common practice in openstack projects, named 'procedural
> -2', for example for feature-adding patches after feature freeze
> until stable branches are cut).
> On the subject - I'd vote for 'airship/armada'-like naming, is more proper
> and intuitive from PR side (even though requires more work to be done for
> seamless transition).
> However that might be tough or unintuitive to replicate to Github as
> there's already an 'airship' org there.
> It has zero repos and zero projects - may be find owners of that and talk
> to them on whether it would be possible for them to surrender this org?
> Cheers,
> - Pavlo
> On Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 2:46 AM Roman Gorshunov <paye600 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> OpenStack Infrastructure and their awesome services are being
>> re-branded (oversimplifying here) to a neutral name - OpenDev
>> Infrastructure [0]. This affects many of the infrastructure components
>> we use for the Airship development.
>> The closest expected change is a semi-automated replacement of git://
>> URL schema in OpenStack Git repositories of source code to https:// -
>> this would be done to set up http redirects from old repositories
>> location to the new locations. Some of repositories would no longer be
>> accessible via git:// URLs after the transition is complete. If you
>> use git:// schema to access OpenStack git repositories, make sure to
>> update it to https:// to get advantage of http redirects which would
>> be set up.
>> Planned transition date is April, 19th.
>> One of other significant changes is a change of Gerrit service host
>> name from review.openstack.org to review.opendev.org. This would be
>> done automatically for the Zuul configuration and .gitreview files,
>> but other references would need to be updated manually.
>> We have been given the opportunity to have our own tenant namespace to
>> be registered: `airship`. Currently we are using `openstack` tenant
>> namespace, you can see it as a part of gerrit project names or git
>> repositories names.
>> While being under `openstack/` tenant namespace, we used `airship-`
>> prefix for our Airship components, e.g. `openstack/airship-armada` to
>> easily distinguish them. Before that, when Airship has been hosted on
>> GitHub in `att-comdev` repository, independent Airship components have
>> had no prefix at all.
>> Questions for a discussion:
>> 1. Would we want to use `airship` tenant, or stay under `openstack`
>> tenant?
>> Example: openstack/airship-armada -> airship/airship-armada
>> 2. If we move to `airship` tenant, would we want to drop technical
>> `airship-` prefix from components?
>> Example: openstack/airship-armada -> airship/armada
>> 3. Would we want to mirror Airship repositories to some other
>> repository hosting (GitLab, BitBucket, GitHub, etc.)? If yes, then to
>> which one and under which name?
>> Pros and Cons:
>> - Moving from `openstack` to `airship` tenant would help to message
>> that Airship project is not exclusively about running OpenStack
>> (OpenStack-Helm)
>> - We would need to change git.openstack.org/openstack/airship-* -like
>> URLs to git.airshipit.org/airship-* or to git.airshipit.org/* (where *
>> is an independent component name, e.g. armada) in many places
>> - We would stop having automatic replication to the GitHub which we
>> enjoyed using, but we are offered help to set up replication via
>> post-merge Zuul job to the repository we would choose (airship and
>> airshipit are already in use on GitHub)
>> - Many used GitHub as a convenient way to search and explore source
>> code of Airship; with introduction of Gitea Git web-UI in OpenDev
>> Infrastructure, we could just use it and nothing more, as it's
>> functionality covers use cases we use GitHub for [1]
>> Gitea features [1]:
>> * Shorter domain name in project URLs:
>> https://git.openstack.org/openstack/nova vs
>> https://opendev.org/openstack/nova
>> * Clone and browsing URLs are the same (with cgit, the browsing URL
>> has an extra path component)
>> * More visually pleasing code browsing
>> * Integrated code searching
>> * Ability to highlight multiple lines in links
>> Impacted components:
>> - pretty much all Airship components have references to something what
>> would possibly chage
>> - many of third-party systems, many source code repositories refer to
>> git:// schema and/or to Airship under opentack/ tenant namespace
>> - Jenkins servers running third-party gates for Airship, including
>> code in openstack/airship-treasuremap and att-comdev/cicd
>> repositories, and possibly Jenkins variables
>> Implementation:
>> - action item to Airship users:
>>    If you use git:// schema to access OpenStack git repositories, make
>> sure to update it to https:// to get advantage of http redirects which
>> would be set up
>>    Other action items would be communicated via this and
>> airship-announce mailing lists
>> - Roman Gorshunov (roman_g on Freenode) is a single point of contact
>> to OpenDev Infra team for the transition
>> - opinions on the questions above are collected until 29th of March,
>> and decision is made on weekly IRC meeting [2] on 2nd of April
>> - Roman will send announcement with further details to this and
>> airship-announce mailing lists
>> - Roman communicates changes to OpenDev Infrastructure
>> - source code change requests to the Airship components would be
>> submitted by Core reviewers closer to the transition date, after
>> decision on the questions above is made, "Workforce: -1" will be
>> applied to disable merge
>> - closer to or on the transition date the changes in infrastructure
>> will be tested (http redirects, gerrit and gitea should work), and
>> changes would be submitted for merge ("Workforce: +1"); gates would be
>> checked to be green and passing
>> [0]
>> http://lists.airshipit.org/pipermail/airship-discuss/2018-November/000166.html
>> ,
>> http://lists.airshipit.org/pipermail/airship-discuss/2019-March/000345.html
>> ,
>> http://lists.airshipit.org/pipermail/airship-discuss/2019-March/000379.html
>> [1] see https://opendev.org/openstack/horizon as example
>> [2] http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#Airship_Team_Meeting
>> Thank you.
>> Best regards,
>> -- Roman Gorshunov
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