[Airship-discuss] ovs-dpdk support in airship

Li, Cheng1 cheng1.li at intel.com
Thu Mar 28 03:01:06 UTC 2019

Hi Georg,

This is Cheng. We had a short talk on irc yesterday, about ovs-dpdk support in airship/akraino

I am pulling your patch to deploy openstack-helm, to see if any problem, to help the patch merge.

I also would like to know some details of the two dpdk related akraino BPs.

ovs-dpdk support in airship:
Seems we need work in openstack-helm and airship-* projects. For openstack-helm part, you have created two patches in review. For airship-* part, does it need much code work? I didn't see airship-* patch links.

Ovs-dpdk unicycle BP:
     I tried to understand what this BP does, but seem a little info on the BP page. Could you help to provide some info about this BP? Thanks

BTW, if any issue I found with your openstack-helm patch, I will discuss with you on gerrit or irc or email.


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