[Airship-discuss] Spyglass/Pegleg core reviewer nominations

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On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 9:45 AM MCEUEN, MATT <MM9745 at att.com<mailto:MM9745 at att.com>> wrote:
Airship team,

In line with our discussion at the PTG, I would like to nominate two project-specific core reviewers:

Alex Hughes (alexanderhughes): Spyglass, Pegleg projects
Ian Pittwood (ian-pittwood): Spyglass project

As discussed, this will seed the core teams for these relatively young projects with folks who are actively focused on implementing them.  Existing Airship core reviewers remain grandfathered in, but are encouraged to bow out of coreship if they deem it appropriate.

Following OpenStack norms, current Airship core reviewers have 7 days (till EOD 5/20) to respond to this email with a +1 or -1 vote.  Please consider this my +1.  A simple +1/-1 will be interpreted as being for both of the folks/repos above; if you have more specific votes please specify in your response.

Matt McEuen

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