[Airship-discuss] update in configuration of manifest repos in airshipctl

WALTERS, ANDREW aw442m at att.com
Mon Mar 16 14:22:05 UTC 2020

Hello Aniruddha!

> What is the format of the command to update the configuration related to manifest repos in airshipctl?

The preferred way of updating your airshipctl config file is by modifying the configuration file directly; however, we have added capabilities to change some options on an "as-needed" basis using command-line arguments and flags. For example, you can use the command-line to switch between pre-defined contexts in your configuration file and modify which manifests, module configurations, etc a context uses. As far as I am aware, this functionality has not been extended to manifest configuration, and I am not sure that it is planned. I encourage you to file a feature request on our GitHub issues page [0]. Each new issue is reviewed during our weekly flightplan call [1], and the issue could even be assigned that day if the functionality is desired.

In the meantime, I recommend updating manifest data in the configuration file.

> (1) user/operator wants to change the repo from treasuremap to a private repo

Each manifest holds multiple repositories [2]. Therefore, if your active context references a manifest with multiple repositories, all of those repositories will be cloned. There is no need to identify which repository you would like to use; identify which set of repositories (the manifest) you would like to use.

> It does not seem to be right output. Instead of printing the help it is actually processing the command inputs

I agree; we should print the help menu options whenever -h or --help is passed, even if using a sub-command. I have filed an issue to track this [3].

Best regards,
Drew Walters

[0] https://github.com/airshipit/airshipctl/issues
[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Airship#AIRSHIP_Flight_Plan_-_Community_Management_Meetings
[2] https://github.com/airshipit/airshipctl/blob/master/pkg/config/utils.go#L37
[3] https://github.com/airshipit/airshipctl/issues/114

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