[Airship-discuss] Airshipctl core nomination: Sean Eagan

Matt McEuen mmceuen at microsoft.com
Tue Oct 5 21:52:55 UTC 2021

Welcome to the airshipctl core team, Sean!!

From: Matt McEuen via Airship-discuss <airship-discuss at lists.airshipit.org>
Date: Friday, September 24, 2021 at 1:44 PM
To: Rodolfo Pacheco (via Doodle) via Airship-discuss <airship-discuss at lists.airshipit.org>
Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Airship-discuss] Airshipctl core nomination: Sean Eagan
I would like to nominate Sean Eagan to the airshipctl core reviewer team.

During the last year, Sean has owned the integration and evolution of Flux and Helm components into the airshipctl project (as well as across the wider Airship umbrella).  He designed and implemented the Airship release process and component versioning mechanics, in addition to other dev work both within airshipctl and across the wider Airship community.  Sean brings a critical and helpful eye to review, and a ton of experience across Airship and its related communities, such as Flux and Kustomize.  I believe that Sean would be a great asset to the airshipctl dev team, as he has proven to be to other Airship core teams.

Current airshipctl cores should please vote +1 or -1 within the next seven days, at which point votes will be tallied (unless a clear consensus is reached before then).


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