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I see a timeout buried in that error log.  A couple questions to get context: 


Are you using Armada standalone to talk to an existing Kubernetes cluster, or are you using the full Airship stack?

If the former, which version/ref of Armada and tiller are you using; if the latter, which version of Treasuremap, Airship-in-a-bottle (etc) are you using as a reference?


In current versions, Armada provides its own tiller as a sidecar, and connects to it via localhost, although this behavior is overridable and you can alternately “bring your own tiller”.





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Hi All,


Deploying OpenStack from outside of Kubernetes cluster causing me some issue and I am using armada for the deployment. I am getting connection error related to "target_address" and honestly I really don't understand why is it like that. Also Is there any way to change the target_address? as now its pointing to tiller(helm) ClusterIP address. Basically my goal is to have contact with OpenStack-helm to be able to deploy OpenStack from outside the cluster.  For better understanding of my issue please find attached logs and let me know if there is any solution to resolve it.



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