I nominate Craig Anderson <craig.anderson@att.com>, Kaspars Skels <kaspars.skels@gmail.com> and Roman Gorshunov <roman.gorshunov@att.com> as cores for Airship. All 3 have been instrumental in growing either AIAB or Divingbell or Treasuremap toward maturity and stability, and all 3 have assisted with driving code changes and performing code review across various Airship projects, including those listed.


As Airship keeps growing, so too does its project makeup and codebase. AIAB, Divingbell and Treasuremap all fall under the sprawling ecosystem that is Airship, which warrants a larger core review team, and it is my belief that the addition of these individuals to the core Airship core team will help to foster a stronger community around each of those projects.


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