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As a follow-up to a few TC Action Items:

  1.  This is the link to the feedback from the OSF on our progress towards confirmation for your consideration: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/AirshipConfirmation
     *   I am happy with this feedback, since it is capturing a point in time of an upward trajectory.  I believe both concerns were fair, and we're moving in the right direction.
     *   Although the SIGs are all run by AT&T folks, I would like to see SUSE work with Rodolfo to take point on the UI SIG in the near future.
     *   I believe the "non-AT&T usage" argument will work itself out as Mirantis and SUSE are successful with their products, and given our efforts to talk with other operators and companies like Starbucks.
  2.  Bin Hu is taking ownership of creating the monthly "Airship Update" that will be sent to companies and individuals who have expressed interest in Airship. The goal is to keep them aware of the progress our community is making, and hopefully help them make the decision to join us.  The structure of the email that will go out at the start of each month follows:
     *   What's New:

                                                               i.      E.g. new additions to the community (e.g. Dell joining the team)

                                                             ii.      Other news/ milestones

     *   The Airship Blog:

                                                               i.      Topic/ Link the blog releases for that month.

     *   JIRA Status:

                                                               i.      Any metrics we can pull from JIRA/ visualize to show progress on the project since last month.

     *   Get Involved:

                                                               i.      List next month's meetings/ links to page with logistics.

     *   End the email with instructions of how to opt out/ or correct the point of contact (e.g. email rv6848 at att.com<mailto:rv6848 at att.com>). Also ask if they have any news related to Airship (e.g. have started to use it) to share that back with rv6848 at att.com<mailto:rv6848 at att.com>.
  1.  To support the above, and other outreach efforts I am creating a contact list. I will maintain this and share on a need to know basis. For those of you who have points of contact for folks that have expressed an interest in Airship, please share their name/ email with me.
  2.  A new section has been created by Bin Hu on the Airship Wiki. The goal of this section is to create a collection of presentations related to Airship as a one stop shop to make it easier for folks to come up to speed. Bin has populated it with the list we have, but if others have more to add, please do so.
     *   Wiki section for Airship presentations: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Airship/Airship-Presentations.

                                                               i.      Bin Captured I captured all 8 current presentations from https://www.airshipit.org/community/.

                                                             ii.      The wiki section can be navigated from https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Airship , then click "8 Airship Presentations", then follow the link of "Airship Presentations".

  1.  I have invited Chris Hoge/ OSF team to join the TC meetings monthly, and we will have a agenda item for them to speak to OSF feedback.


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