[Airship-discuss] [airship-discuss] Nominations for airshipctl Cores: Roman, Dmitry, & Alex

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Wed Nov 6 21:56:45 UTC 2019

Please join me in welcoming Dmitry, Alex, and Roman to the airshipctl Core Reviewer team!  I'm happy that you're stepping up into this role, and looking forward to continuing to accelerate Airship 2.0 development efforts with your help.


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Subject: [airship-discuss] Nominations for airshipctl Cores: Roman, Dmitry, & Alex

Airship team,

Based on their record of quality code review and substantial/meaningful code contributions to the airshipctl project, as well as on needs of the community, I would like to nominate the following individuals as core reviewers for airshipctl:

  *   Alexander Hughes (alexanderhughes)
  *   Dmitry Ukov (dukov)
  *   Roman Gorshunov (roman_g)

Airshipctl is a fairly new project, and so doesn't have a long history of contributions yet.  However, these folks have all proven their dedication through substantial and meaningful code review, participation in the design, and initial contributions to the project.

Per our community current airshipctl Core Reviewers are invited to reply with a +1/-1 by EOD next Tuesday (11/5).  A lone +1/-1 will apply to all three candidates, otherwise please spell out votes individually for the candidates.


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