[Airship-discuss] Problems with airship-in-a-bottle install

WALTERS, ANDREW aw442m at att.com
Tue Jan 14 19:49:05 UTC 2020

Hello Robby!

Sorry that the installation is giving you trouble. I have yet to come across this issue but may be able to help with a little more info.

> I've attempted multiple times to install airship-in-a-bottle following the instructions at
> https://opendev.org/airship/treasuremap/src/branch/master/tools/deployment/aiab

What version of treasuremap (i.e. commit SHA) do you have cloned?

> Any ideas on debugging this issue?

The only nfs-provisioner pod in your cluster also has an error; were you able to retrieve any logs from it? Also, are you using any custom images?

Drew Walters

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