[Airship-discuss] Proposal of creating "Airship 1" core reviewer team

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Bumping Nishant's request for feedback, since some folks were out on vacation last week.  The WC would like to implement the Airship 1 core team plan below on July 15th, if the broader community is in favor of it.


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Subject: [Airship-discuss] Proposal of creating "Airship 1" core reviewer team

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Hello Airship Community,

The Working Committee has been looking for a way to address core reviewer team challenges for the Airship 1 projects. Previously, the Airship 1 projects were split out into multiple core teams due to the large amount of active development and subject matter expertise in each of them. At this point, Airship 1 development is much lighter and a smaller group of developers are owning the responsibility end to end.

The Working Committee proposes:
o    Creating a new "Airship 1" core reviewer team
o    Membership in the new team would be composed of core reviewers from the current Airship 1 core teams, who have done Airship 1 code reviews in the last 12 months
o    Following that, the new core team would be able to nominate/vote in additional members as appropriate per usual process.

The WC is seeking feedback from the community.  If this plan is supported by the community, the WC plans to put it into effect on July 15th.


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