[Airship-discuss] 2020-2021 Working Committee Nominations

Alexander Hughes Alexander.Hughes at pm.me
Tue Jul 21 13:39:22 UTC 2020

Hello Airship Community,

Nominations for the Airship Working Committee are now open and will remain open until EOD July 26th.

All nominations must be submitted as a text file to the airship/election repository, as explained in [1]. Please make sure to follow the candidacy file naming convention: candidates/2020/WC/<email_address>.

All active code contributors to the Airship project (who have had changes merged in the last 12 months) are eligible to run for the Working Committee.

Additional information about the nomination process can be found here [1]. Shortly after election officials approve candidates, they will be listed here [2]. Voting will occur via ballots emailed to the electorate (current Airship project core reviewers) on July 27th. The Technical Committee requests the balloter to confirm their email addresses in gerrit before July 26th, so ballots are emailed to the correct email addresses.


Airship Technical Committee

[1]: https://docs.airshipit.org/election/procedures.html

[2]: https://docs.airshipit.org/election/results/2020/wc.html
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