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BLUF: current Treasuremap core team members, please respond with +1/-1 by 7/29.  Note: currently the Treasuremap core team consists of the airship-core (aka Airship 1) team, so if you're in that group, this is for you!

I would like to propose Kostiantyn Kalynovskyi for the Treasuremap core reviewer team.  He has been very active on airshipctl yaml management functionality, and the manifests themselves, from code review and development perspective.  As Airship 2 manifests will increasingly be authored in the Treasuremap repo (starting in the v2 branch), Kostiantyn will be well positioned to guide manifest authoring in the right direction, and to help integrate airshipctl appropriately into the larger Airship ecosystem.

Per our core nomination/approval conventions, I request that current Treasuremap core team members reply with a +1 or -1 by 7/29.  If we get a majority vote prior to 7/29 we can call it then.


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