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BLUF: current airshipctl core team members, please respond with +1/-1 by 7/29.

I would like to propose Stas Egorov for the airshipctl core reviewer team.  Stas has been an active member of the Airship community for around a year and a half, and in 2020 has maintained a strong focus on airshipctl from a quality code review perspective, and a feature development perspective.  Stas has demonstrated an ability to guide development in the right direction, and clearly cares about Airship being a high-quality project.  I believe Stas would add a lot of value to the team as a core reviewer, and help us to get patches ship-shape and merged in a timely fashion.
Per our core nomination/approval conventions, I request that current airshipctl core team members reply with a +1 or -1 by 7/29.  If we get a majority vote prior to 7/29 we can call it then.


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