[Airship-discuss] Self Nomination for the 2020 Airship Working Committee Candidacy

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Subject: [Airship-discuss] Self Nomination for the 2020 Airship Working Committee Candidacy

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Hello Airship community,

My name is James Gu and I'd like to announce my candidacy for election to the Airship Working Committee.

My journey with Airship started in late 2018 when working for SUSE as a product owner/technical lead. I led a team effort of enabling multi Linux distro's in Airship, with the goal to expand Airship's user base.
Collaborating with the OpenStack community, the effort had spanned many Airship projects (Treasuremap, Armada, Shipyard, Deckhand, etc.) as well as OpenStack Helm project.

Prior to that, I had worked many years in technical leadership role in the private cloud space, including workflow and orchestration, monitoring and metering, HA and disaster recovery. Some work were directly contributed to OpenStack, and other to proprietary technology.

At the end of 2019, I became involved in OPNFV Airship project and was elected the PTL in Spring 2020. I work with both the CNTT (Cloud iNfrastructure Telco Taskforce) and OPNFV community to develop Airship Installer as a Reference Implementation of cloud and NFVi, and support the CNTT Reference Conformance Testing and Certification. Some example work includes Treasuremap
1.8 integration in the CNTT OpenStack Reference implementation and investigate the Airship 2.0 POC for CNTT Cloud Native Reference Architecture.

I am also involved in Airship 2.0 development when time allows.

If I am elected, I would like to act as the bridge between the CNTT, OPNFV and Airship community. CNTT represents the collective voice of the telco operators and vendors. I want to help to feed their requirements and use cases into the Airship community timely and regularly, and influence the Airship 2 to better aligned with the CNTT direction. Some examples include K8s conformance certification and gating, bring your own baremetal/k8s use cases. On the other hand, Airship is AFAIK the only cloud technology designed for telco, supporting both cloud native and OpenStack, and managing from baremetal and up. I want to continue to be an adamant advocate of Airship in the OPNFV and CNTT community, hoping that Airship will have a positive impact on the CNTT's technology direction.
I would also want to ensure Airship 2.0 conform to the CNTT Cloud Native reference architecture and implementation specs, and contribute to the CNTT conformance certification and testing.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

James Gu
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