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Thanks for the update, Digambar.  Is it fair to summarize it this way?

  *   Airship can rely on the HCC to ensure servers have the right disks (etc)
  *   Airship can rely on existing Ironic introspection to ensure the disks are healthy


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Hi Airship,

We had a discussion in OpenDesign meeting last thursday on bringing error states for disks and other devices so that we can label appropriate error in HOST CR.
I had done good amount of investigation on Ironic Introspection data.
After studying Ironic introsepction data, Ironic has taken care of these things already. Here is my understanding -
- If one of the disk is error state, then Ironic introsepction fails in that case or it stuck in inpecting state for long time and fails after it.
- We are pulling only BM hosts which are in READY state, so READY state comes after successful execution of Introspection state.
- Here we can consider that current hardware inventory data is suffice.
- HCC (Hardware-classifcation-controller) will perform classification and validation filter by comparing with HCC profile and label the BaremetalHost CR as BMO-OK.

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