[Airship-discuss] Project Creation Proposal: ViNO and SIP

MCEUEN, MATT MM9745 at att.com
Mon Nov 16 22:46:53 UTC 2020

Airship community,

Normally, new projects are proposed/socialized in our team meetings.  Since we don't have a team meeting this week, I'm socializing on the ML after discussing briefly in today's Working Committee meeting.

In the PTG, a couple of new planned projects - ViNO and SIP - were outlined, in the context of infrastructure workloads that Airship can lifecycle manage.  They are enablers for VM-based CAPI subclusters, i.e. tenant clusters living on top of (and managed by) the undercloud cluster, and will be responsible for provisioning of libvirt VMs, standing up per-subcluster platform infrastructure, and labelling nodes for provisioning by CAPI.  More details around ViNO and SIP can be found in the PTG recording link below (starting around ~3:27:00 in).

We'd like to formally incubate the projects within Airship, creating new core teams for them that are representative of their working teams.  If there are no objections, I will put in project creation requests for `airship/sip` and `airship/vino` projects.

Please reply with any concerns or questions by EOD Wednesday.

Thank you!

Recording Link: https://zoom.us/rec/share/l3znN5H6JCvTnem-yaF0oUBJswd15a1k3vnQ-zvz93QaKclo2tdGoOU-5X7kluFE.idTvzC-AKnRpSm78?startTime=1603976835000
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