[Airship-discuss] Airship in a Bottle - CrashLoopBackOff

Matthew Hooker mjhooker at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 20:07:21 UTC 2020


I've tried getting AiaB working several times on various machines but
always end up with this:

NAMESPACE     NAME                                   READY   STATUS
         RESTARTS   AGE
kube-system   auxiliary-etcd-ubuntu                  3/3     Running
         0          13h
kube-system   bootstrap-armada-ubuntu                4/4     Running
         0          13h
kube-system   haproxy-ubuntu                         1/1     Running
         0          13h
kube-system   kubernetes-apiserver-ubuntu            1/1     Running
         1          13h
kube-system   kubernetes-controller-manager-ubuntu   1/1     Running
         0          13h
kube-system   kubernetes-etcd-ubuntu                 1/1     Running
         0          13h
kube-system   kubernetes-proxy-f279z                 0/1     Pending
         0          2m32s
kube-system   kubernetes-scheduler-ubuntu            0/1
CrashLoopBackOff   167        13h

This may be easily solvable by someone with sufficient knowledge of
the underlying systems but I'm stuck.

Full transcript here:


Any help appreciated

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