[Airship-discuss] Tin Lam Core Reviewer Nomination

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Subject: [Airship-discuss] Tin Lam Core Reviewer Nomination

Airship Core Reviewer Team,

I would like to nominate Tin Lam for the role of airship/charts core reviewer. Tin's contributions to airship/charts demonstrate a detailed understanding of authoring and updating helm charts, while his ample reviews demonstrate an impressive attention to detail. These skills are essential for maintaining and furthering the technical excellence of airship/charts. Overall, Tin's addition to the core reviewer group will help the Airship community grow the airship/charts project in a way that ensures quality is always a focal point.

Thank you for your consideration.

Current Airship cores should please vote +1 or -1 within the next seven days, at which point votes will be tallied (unless a clear consensus is reached before then).

Danny Massa

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