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James Cole james at openstack.org
Wed Dec 19 19:54:00 UTC 2018

Greetings Airship Team! 

I’m James Cole, a graphic designer with the OpenStack Foundation. We’ve been working on an updated look for the Airship website and wanted to get your feedback. 

Please view the updated site on Netlify: https://airship-website-dev.netlify.com/ <https://airship-website-dev.netlify.com/>

A few things to note: 

The blog does not currently have any blog posts and we’d probably want to have something real published there before going live. If it isn’t possible to publish something before this launches, we can remove it from the navigation and add it back in once we have some content. 

Any guidance is welcomed if links on the Community page need to point to other locations. The Gerrit repo link does not currently link to anything useful, for instance.

We’ve been considering adding a subhead under “Elevate Your Infrastructure” on the hero image of the homepage for clarity. One of the ideas we’re floating around is "Airship makes operating open infrastructure simple, repeatable, and resilient.” Does this sound good to you?

Please let us know if you notice something that should change—spelling/grammar errors, factual errors, broken links, etc.—or if you have any other type of feedback. Once everyone is happy with the content and layout we’ll point the official URL (airshipit.org <http://airshipit.org/>) to this version of the site.

Thank you!

James Cole
Graphic Designer
OpenStack Foundation 

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