[Airship-discuss] Airship - Multi-OS: image builds - repository per distributive

Drew Walters drewwalters96 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 17:27:40 UTC 2019


Thanks for bringing this to the ML.

Ubuntu images should have the distro in its image name
> so it is clear and avoid any confusion when we start have suse, centos
> images etc.

+1 to this. It also drives consistency.

Creation of another image repository is a one time effort;
> usage of separate image repositories for different base images is a
> recommendation from Quay.io tech.support; usage of separate image
> repositories for different base images allows to easily distinguish
> between images when trying to `docker pull ...` image without
> specifying a tag (assuming :latest)

If we create an additional repository, could it make multi-OS integration
in scripts and tooling (e.g. Airskiff) more difficult? For example, if
using the same image repository, you would just have to substitute
${DISTRO} when pulling docker images; however, if  using an additional
repository, the repository name must be substituted as well. The former
seems like a cleaner approach.

would we use ``airshipit/<airship component>-<distributive
> flavour>[-<version>]:<git tag>`` or ``airshipit/<airship
> component>:<distributive flavour>[-<version>]-<git tag>``?

``airshipit/<airship component>-<distributive flavour>[-<version>]:<git
tag>`` is more readable to me, and I think it's what is used in OSH-images.

Drew Walters (dwalt)
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