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You will be glad to know the direction of Airship for the next release includes integration with projects such as cluster-api, baremetal-operator and ironic.
Part of the evolution takes us in a direction where support of centos is  mostly a given.

From what you describe it sounds as if you could definitely take advantage of what Airship provides.

We encourage you to start attending our Airship design calls on Thursday’s 11 EST or the rest of our meetings listed here  (https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Airship#Get_in_Touch)

We will be starting to focus on Airship 2,.0 features, and I feel that we are going in a direction you would agree with and benefit from.


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Thank you.
The reason i am asking is because, my goals of using Airship goes much beyond using it just for Openstack.

We are a full CentOS7 HPC cluster with about 800 servers/nodes working together as a supercomputer.

For baremetal/VM deployment- i use Foreman together with Hiera and various yaml files/tags/facts that i get for different servers. Once deployed - puppet then configures the OS on baremetal nodes depending on the same tags/facts/yaml files from Hiera.

I see that - Airship uses a similar declarative design with yaml but deploys services on containers.

My goal was to use Airship and see if i can deploy both baremetal servers and openstack/VMs using the same yaml files.
It would thus be more like Infrastructure as a code.

I am not sure if this would be the correct approach, or if i have to deploy Openstack and instead use Openstack Ironic to deploy the baremetal nodes.
The issue with the Openstack Ironic approach is that i want to use the same declarative yaml design that airship uses to deploy ironic nodes too, and i am not sure how much would that be possible.
Also - I want to use the same approach to deploy instances on public cloud too, so may be using Openstack Ironic would be a better way to go.

If it is currently not possible to do any of the above -  I would like to know, if there is way that i could get involved in future road-maps and see if this could be one of the directions that airship can help me.

Also - would it be too difficult for me to try if Airship can work with MAAS and deploy CentOS7 instead of Ubuntu?


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As of now we do not have an official way to run Airship on CentOS7, however there is an ongoing collaboration with Suse to add a multi-os support for both OSH & Airship.
This work should make it easier to add other operating systems in the future if there is an interest and support from the community.


On Thu, May 2, 2019 at 2:47 PM <valleru at cbio.mskcc.org<mailto:valleru at cbio.mskcc.org>> wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I have tried researching as much as possible within the documentation - but is Airship only available to install only on Ubuntu as of now?

Can i get it working on CentOS7 VM?

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