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Hi Anirudh,

The Airship Seaworthy is a bare-metal production reference implementation of Airship deployment, e.g. deployment that has 3 control servers (to carry HA and Ceph data replication), as well as ceph setup/replication for tenants data/VMs, redundant/bonded networks, and there are also things as DNS/TLS requirements to get this up and running.

We also have Airsloop that is meant for 2 bare-metal servers (1 control node, and 1 compute).

This from your description might fit better with your HW – and is also much simpler to install, here are some simplifications for it compared to full setup


I would def recommend to fist get familiar with Airsloop and get it up and running. The software/components are all the same but configured in non-redundant way.

For virtual setups we have 2 options right now available

*       You can very simply get AIAB running – it’s a 1 VM setup and will give you a feel to what Airship is


*       There is also virtual multi-node environment that was available in the airship-in-a-bottle repo (https://github.com/airshipit/airship-in-a-bottle/tree/master/tools/multi_nodes_gate). This is now being moved to treasuremap and I would wait a bit since it’s slightly outdated on the old airship-in-a-bottle repo.

Kind regards,


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Subject: [Airship-discuss] [Airship-Seaworthy] Deployment of Airship-Seaworthy on Virtual Environment

Hi Team,

We want to test Production Ready Airship-Seaworthy in our virtual environment

The link followed is


As per the document we need 6 DELL R720xd bare-metal servers: 3 control, and 3 compute nodes.

But we need to deploy our setup on Virtual Environment. Does Airship-Seaworthy support Installation on Virtual Environment?

We have 2 Rack Servers with Dual-CPU Intel® Xeon® E5 26xx with 16 cores each and 128 GB RAM.

Is it possible that we can create Virtual Machines on them and set up the complete environment.

In that case, what possible infrastructure do we require for setting up the complete setup.

Looking forward for your response.


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