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Mon Jan 7 05:11:50 UTC 2019

*backgroud info: My team is currently only using Armada among many airship projects, and trying to leverage Deckhand as well.

Hi all,

I have questions regarding Deckhand usage.

My team has a lot of armada manifests for many sites as following and we want to use Deckhand’s layering feature to manage the manifests efficiently.
- global.yaml
- site1.yaml
- site2.yaml

I’ve looked at the Deckhand documentation and it’s not clear how to use that functionality.

Q1. Deckhand standalone usage
In the installation document (https://airshipit.readthedocs.io/projects/deckhand/en/latest/users/getting-started.html#manual-installation),
I saw a “development mode”, which doesn’t require Keystone authentication. However, when I looked at the Operator guide (https://airshipit.readthedocs.io/projects/deckhand/en/latest/operators/api_client.html), I couldn’t see how I can use Deckhand client without Keystone auth.  Is it even possible?

Q2. Layering
As I mentioned above, my team have a lot of armada manifest files for various sites. How can I upload multiple manifests (Eg, global & site1) to the bucket and perform layering on those documents?
Should I merge multiple files into one large string and upload it to the bucket?  If it’s true, does the bucket update automatically trigger rendering process or should I explicitly call some rendering function??
Can anyone give an example code?

Any help would be appreciated.

Robert Choi
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