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Mon Oct 21 21:45:20 UTC 2019

Hi all,

 YAMSIG brought to notice old Airship 1.0 terminology for defining BareMetalRequirements & NodeDef

This is to describe Site/ Type / Composite / Function Naming convention in Treasuremap v2.

https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Airship_Yaml (referOct 12 Discussions)

Here is the new Jira Story added by RodolfoPacheco.



I will assume following and have started the documentation ingoogle docs added to YAML SIG etherpad as well

1.     StrawmanProposal for Identifying Site Type and associated MVP BareMetal Descriptor.

2.     Createa Draft Proposal for What a Site should look like for Airship v2?

3.     Outlineyour thoughts/ideas on your initial judgement/ideas to improve Airship v2 basedon three configurations available in Airship 1.0:

4.     Getfeedback from YAML SIG

5.     UpdateDraft till Final and Summarize the Conclusion.

   - airshipctl cluster  https://docs.google.com/document/d/15zRU5c5cCJLdFzE1P9UArdu19u-nRVrYk8p_JKTmhK0/edit?usp=sharing




Airship MVP Beta (V2) -YAML SIG Google Doc sharing for

Treasuremap StrawmanProposal


·       Referto above link,  Matt & Jared, if you can add your tables T1(Seaworthy) & T2 (Airsloop)


·        Let me know your suggestions of  Airship 2.0 terminology and the Topology toclarify hierarchy (Region, Zone(AZ), Cluster, Site, Node) data elements,labels, annotations, and terms we will use different from Airship 1.0 andinterpretations we appear to have now. Of-course code is king, and k8s is default,still we need to rationalize this for v2(Beta) branch now for design anddeployment of BareMetal Node and Cluster using Metal-3/Cluster APIs, OSHOperator, Ironic plus all Plugins we plan to use modules like Kustomize etc.



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