[Airship-discuss] [PTG-Shanghai] Please Register your name for participation in MVP Beta (v2) contributions

prakash RAMCHANDRAN pramchan at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 22 00:57:49 UTC 2019

Hi all,
We seek active participation from community to enable Airship design and deployment for new release v2 in progress.Join us at PTG & mini-PTG to complete the Specs for MVP Beta (v2) before we get to November monthly sprint targets.
PTG at Shnnghai - 
Airship PTG Ussuri
Half day Thursday Nov 7th, full day Friday Nov 8th


Airship KubeCon mini-PTG
San DiegoMonday, 12:30-6:30 [planning on kicking off @ 1pm]


ThanksPrakash / For Airship PTG/mini-PTGs
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