[Airship-discuss] OSF 2019 Annual Report

Ashlee Ferguson ashlee at openstack.org
Mon Jan 27 22:26:33 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

The OSF community had a productive year, merging 58k code changes to produce open source infrastructure software like Airship, Kata Containers, StarlingX, and Zuul, along with the third most active OSS project in the world, OpenStack. With 100,000 members and millions more visiting OSF websites in 2019 to get involved, the community made huge strides in addressing the 7.7B market for OpenStack and more than $12B combined OpenStack & Containers markets in the future.

Each individual member, working group, SIG, and contributor was instrumental in continuing to support the OSF mission: helping people build and operate open infrastructure. The OSF 2019 Annual Report  <https://www.openstack.org/foundation/2019-openstack-foundation-annual-report>was published today highlighting the achievements across the community and the goals for the year ahead. 

Let’s break down some of the highlights of last year: 
The OSF confirmed three new open infrastructure projects to complement OpenStack in powering the world’s open infrastructure; 
OpenStack is one of the top three most active open source projects in number of changes, and is projected to be a $7.7 billion USD market by 2023; 
Some of the world’s largest brands—AT&T, Baidu, Blizzard Entertainment, BMW, China UnionPay, Walmart, and Volvo among others—shared their open source infrastructure use cases and learnings; 
Upstream contributors continued to prioritize cross-project integration with open source projects including Ceph, Kubernetes, Ansible, and Tungsten Fabric. 
New contributors were on-boarded through multiple internship and mentoring programs as well as OpenStack Upstream Institute, which was held in seven countries last year! 

The OSF would like to extend a huge thanks to the global community for all of the work that went into 2019 and is continuing in 2020 to help people build and operate open source infrastructure. Check out the full OSF 2019 Annual Report  <https://www.openstack.org/foundation/2019-openstack-foundation-annual-report>on the OpenStack website. 

Thank you for a great year— I look forward to working with you more in 2020!

Ashlee Ferguson
Community & Events Coordinator
OpenStack Foundation

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