[Airship-discuss] Redfish API support related question

Manoj Alva manoj.alva at ericsson.com
Wed Jan 29 14:39:47 UTC 2020

Hello All,

I tried adding support for new APIs and generated code using 4.2.2 OpenAPI code generator.

Reference Changeset : https://review.opendev.org/#/c/704314/
I am trying to add support to the following APIs

  *   FirmwareInventoryDownloadImage
  *   FirmwareInventory
  *   GetTask
  *   UpdateService
  *   UpdateServiceSimpleUpdate

I have a the following observations.

  1.  Here is diff of the code generated for older constructs and the ones present in the repo. The code is generated with two underscores "__".  But the repo has single underscore. Is it that the generated code has been massaged for some reasons. If it is the case, will it not be an issue with extending the code for future APIs. I was under the assumption that no manual intervention is required w.r.t generated code.

[cid:image002.jpg at 01D5D6DD.7188E0D0]

  1.  If the above case is not true and the generated code is used as is, why store the generated code ? Is there a specific reason around storing the generated code in repo ?
  2.  There is this  case of firmware update. The flow as per documentation (IDRAC) is as follows
     *   Call to UpdateService and extract the HTTPPushUri from the response header.
     *   The HTTPPushUri for IDRAC seems to be listed as a POST call to FirmwareInventory .This POST call information is not listed in Redfish Specification (Redfish Schema Supplement Document Identifier: DSP0268).
I have tried handling this an additional API under FirmwareInventory (Refer Changeset above). Is this fine ? How do we handle the HTTPPushUris from different vendors given they are free to implement it of their choice.
                           LinkofIDRAC script implementation : https://github.com/dell/iDRAC-Redfish-Scripting/blob/master/Redfish%20Python/DeviceFirmwareSimpleUpdateREDFISH.py

Thanks for your time
Manoj Alva
(manoj.alva at ericsson.com)

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